How can I get back at her for rejecting me?

What's the best revenge for getting back at someone who rejected you on the first date? I wanted to sleep with this girl, but she rejected my advances (I might have come on too strong.. I was drunk)

Anyway, she said some pretty hurtful things about me which has hurt my pride.

What's the best way of getting back at her for rejecting me and moving on?


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  • why would you be so disrespectful to get drunk on a FIRST DATE? that is SO shallow and immature and shows a selfish side. i would have said a LOT of hurtful things if you took me out for a first date, got stupid drunk, came on too strong and acted like an ass. how OLD are you? might want to 'tighten up' and act like a man instead of some horny stupid teen who wants to hump something when stupid drunk. poor girl!


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  • How, that's pretty petty. How about you grow the fuck up instead?

  • Finding someone else and becoming totally happy. Ignore her!


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