Are you a good catch but a bad picker? How do you really know?

Are you a good boyfriend or girfriend? Have you been told this by someone you are with or by exes? Have you ever been called out but all along you didn't realize that you have been sabatoging your relationships? I see a lot of people complain about being single and they say they are a good catch well at least they think they are. It's easy to sound good on paper without realizing that maybe its you much as you dont want to admit it.
  • I'm a good catch, I just pick the wrong ones.
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  • I'm honestly not a good catch.
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  • Hell if I know!/I never really though about it.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've made the mistake of commiting myself to self sabatoging women twice... Lesson learned at least i know what to avoid now. And yea i know for a fact im a good catch...


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What Guys Said 2

  • Can't be that great of a catch if they have bad judgement which is proven when they pick bad partners.

    • Everyone has to make a few bad choices before they learn. Some people never learn so having bad judgment and not knowing any better is different from if they repeatedly keep going for the same type then they don't seem like a great catch any more so I sort of agree.

  • I would like to think I am a good catch, not sure though :/

    • Why are you not sure?

    • Well I have not dated much and at the moment there is little interest so it makes me wonder sometimes. I mean I think of myself as a wonderful catch, just not sure if everyone else does

What Girls Said 2

  • I have some areas that I could improve, but I think I'm pretty good in others. So, to some people would see me as a catch but others won't. And that's okay :)

  • I'm not a girlfriend material and I know it cause I can't be faithful to anyone


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