He didn't answer my question?

This guy has made it clear to me he does not express his feelings. Which I understand. However, we've known each other for six years. We have hung out multiple times. We talk 24/7. Every single day practically, I wake up to a text from him and we speak all day until one of us falls asleep. We've hooked up in the past but we never made a big deal out of it. We have just always been good friends and close enough to each other to do that without shit getting awkward. Well, lately he's been acting different. He's been extremely flirtacious. Extremely flattering. Doing little things to make me smile or laugh. Having more in depth conversations than normal. And he's a lot more comfortable around me overall. Well, we hung out yesterday for the first time in awhile and everything went great. We cuddled. Watched The Interview. He fell asleep on me which was fine. He kissed me as well.. Which he hadn't done in a while. Well, after he dropped me back off at my place, I had sent him a text and said I had a great time and he replied that he had as well and that it had been way too long since we last saw one another. Conversation went on, no big deal. But later in the night I was really curious about "us". It was eating at me. So I simply asked "Do you want to see us together in the future?" He never texted back. But I got a text this morning saying he had fallen asleep on me and that he was sorry. However, still never answered my question? Now, should I just let it slide and have him come to me when he is ready or should I ask him again? I really like him and could see a future with him. So honestly, I'm dying to ask him until he answers me. But I don't want to push him away.


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