Why do I go for the wrong type of girls?

First crush of my life was in class 8, she kept me as a second option and I too waited but she eventually went with her first option.

Second crush used me to get closer to my bestfriend. Now she and my bff are together.

Third crush is incapable of falling in love. The most important thing for her is money.

Why? Why do I go for the wrong type of girls? What's wrong with me?


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  • I'd blame it on your upbringing and the natural tendency you have of thinking with your dick.
    Don't worry about the 2nd. You can't do much about it. It is a male thing.


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  • ... or maybe u r the 1 who does sth wrong?


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  • What do you mean wrong type of girls?

    • Sorry. My bad.

    • oops sorry never saw your update! Theirs absolutley nothing wrong with you, your just going for girls for their looks your not going for their personality.

  • Because you're thinking with your dick not your brain.

    • Please read the description.

    • I still say the same thing. These girls are probably really pretty and stuck up. Try going for a more modest quiet girl that doesn't get attention from many guys. Those are the ones that want love.

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