Is it weird I kind of regret not going to single to prom?

so yesterday was my prom and i got asked by friend tristan to go as friends and i said yes. oh my god i felt like i was babysitting someone the whole night. like if i said i was going to put something like my shoes in the coat check, he said he was coming with me he hardly let me do my own thing. the whole night i kept wishing i was with my single friends but since i have a crush i would not have danced with single guys. I don't want to sound like a bad person but i wish i went with my closest girlfriends and one guy friend who is gay. he made me stay the whole dance even when i wanted to go home early. My crush was not even there which i guess is a good thing my crush and i stare at each other almost constantly and he would have noticed.


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  • I didn't go to my prom, and nah it's not weird


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  • I regret missing out on prom lol


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