Does my bf not want me?

My boyfriend is 21 & I just turned 20 , we've talked for awhile before we started dating and then I moved to washington in July 2014 . We still decided to keep talking and we made it official. It was a long distance thing but we talked everyday for 5 months straight. Day and night. I finally decided to move back in December.. I found out the whole time I was gone he was messing with other girls.. like having sex w em. I talked to guys sometimes but never had sex with them... so I moved back down in December and I started living with him.. we've been getting into fights latley and he tells me to change so I start to change. I change slow but I've noticed every time we get into a fight he breaks up with me or tells me to move back to washington. I never break up with him. He has been going through a lot latley and I've just tried to be there for him. He says he doesn't trust me cause he saw msgs between me and other guys but I never did anything with the guys even tho he's had sex with different girls while I was gone... I feel like I'm the only one trying to make this work. I try to make him happy and sometimes we have really good times and then now when we get into a fight he gets physical and slaps me or chokes me or pushes me or breaks all my things.. I know it isn't right but I'm in love with him.. I feel like he's my soul mate. Every time he tries to break up with me I think of killing myself cause he is all I have and I can't imagine life without him... he calls me names when we fight. And latley I've been trying to show him I love him. Every time he breaks up with me I cry and he says he doesn't want to force this relationship but then he gives in and we stay together... I try not to fight with him... he never apologizes anymore or tells me he loves me first or kiss me. I always have to do it first and latley he just gives up on me and i always feel insecure and not good enough... I don't know what to do.. I want us to work out but latley he isn't putting any effort in.


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  • You should leave him right away. He has no respect for you and hitting you is not the right thing at all, you have to respect yourself and you body enough to know he is not the one. He might look good to you but he shows no respect you. Sorry i'm getting a bit off, but he saw other girls at the start... that is when you should of left i think.

    If you want, you can message me to talk more about it, if not it;s ok. But he does not want you, he is using you and for me i don't want to see that for anyone.


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  • I don't understand why you're trying to make it work with someone who clearly doesn't care enough about you to keep his penis out of other women. He's trying to make you be something you're not and I think he WANTS you to break up with him so he can have an excuse to go with another woman. If he's hitting you, you need to leave the relationship NOW.


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  • I stopped reading at "slaps chokes and pushed" get the fuck away no one deserves that, i dont give a fuck how much you love or care about him, leave NOW. No matter what you think no matter who you are YOU DESERVE BETTER


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