How do I get a guy to text me again?

So the first time this guy I have been talking to for a couple of weeks he sent me this message: "If you're interested in a genuine guy who gives a S*** bout the way you feel and wakes up everyday to just put a smile on you're face and make you happy. Then you should hmu cause that's me frfr and I gotta say you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my blue a** eyes on so please if you are even a little interested don't be afraid to hmu". I didn't believe him at first but we talked for a little bit and he seemed really genuine. Since then we hung out a couple times and ended up having sex (he was my first time). I don't think he just wanted sex from me though because he told me that he was looking for a real relationship but I told him that I wasn't looking for one. We also hung out a couple times after we had sex and we had a good time together. I've started to develop feelings for him and I want to get serious with him but the problem is that now he won't answer my texts. The last time I sent him a text was over the weekend. I want to let him know that I want to commit to him but I want to tell him in person. How can I get him to become reinterested in me. Should I wait a week or two to text him again? What should I text him that won't sound desperate or needy? I think I'm just going to text him one last time within the next two weeks and if he doesn't answer I will move on. Please help I need advice!


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  • Personally i wouldn't message him again. You sent the last text, the ball is now in his court. So i'd leave it up to him to initiate contact.

    If some genuinely wants you to be part of their life, then they'll make every effort to put you in it. Regardless if they are busy.


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