My friend still likes her?

So multiple times my friend has been told he is just friends with this girl, and he still thinks he can change her mind. It's been 2 years. Any ideas on how to get him over her?

To RationalLioness, she has told him to his face "No, we will always be just friends." and he still likes her.
Should I tell him that he needs to move on?


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  • You could talk to that girl and ask her to be CLEAR with him that it's not going to happen, breaking the friendship for a while might be necessary.
    Or, you can introduce / show him to another girl, or go out with a group of guy friends to try to get some girls, make him realise there's plenty of other nice and better girls


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  • I think these are the saddest cases. The girl needs to give him a hard-dose of reality. She needs to tell him that the two of them will NEVER have a future and he should move on.

    I would hope that your friend doesn't keep pining after this woman, realizes how much time he's wasted, and then start to hate women because of his ill-fated choice.

    • "We will always be friends" can still be construed as giving the guy a chance later on. She needs to tell him that NOTHING will ever come between the two of them.

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  • That's really cruel. If she's keeping him close like that, then she hasn't even told him that she's not interested (she gave the just friends line which is actually too vague). She keeps doing things that leads him into believing that she's interested in him on some level. @RationalLioness is right, she needs to straight up tell him that "I'm not interested in a relationship with you, and it will probably never change". He won't move on until he gets this message, and this is one of the reasons why women shouldn't "let guys down easy".

  • kick him in the balls and them him to move on already.


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