I need some real advice so should I do?

I was in a relationship with an ex bf almost five years. He moves another state and slowly things change. So one day he change Facebook status single and his password without even talking with me or giving reasons. So I delete him and didn't message, call or send inbox online. 6 months later he out of the blue sends me a Facebook message saying add him, he's been misreable and lonely. He hasn't found nothing like what we had and ask could he call me. So we end up talking and he ask for a second chance but wants to be friends first. I didn't have a problem with being friends at all because I did still love him. He ask me did I and I was honest. He said he miss me and hearing my voice. So I end up adding him online and we talk a couple days online and for whole next month didn't hear from him. I come home from work he said happy holidays and I replied. Then we talked couple days this month so far. So one day out of the blue a female post something on his wall saying how she miss him, her child did and hope he was okay. Next hour goes by post comes down and now he back online now I receive message from him. Couple days go by he makes a post and same woman comments again but this time she was really wondering what was going on with him and he didn't comment back at all. I end up talking with him again next day. Whenever I message him he will reply when online and once he comes online. Sometimes he will message me as well first. He keeps adding all these females and some of them will post flirting messages or just speak he'll be polite. Is he trying to make me jealous, show me he can have other women or just simply trying to catch my attention in a way to make me chase him? Cause when we talk it's not about dating but once he did say kisses.


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  • Real men don't need to do all these things, I think he is hiding something, a very good idea would be ignore him completely, if you can't then ask him for commitments, honesty and responsibility, if he really loves you. Love is not an online game.

    • We are not dating and he is an ex boyfriend. He wants be friends right now but ask for a second chance with dating. I see all such going on and I wanna know if he's trying make me jealous, chase him or show he can have other women?

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  • I think his intentions are not good and you will end up being hurt because he is using you for ulterior motives.

    Dump him and move on with your life. There are better men out there than this dude.

    • I don't discuss in any conversation regarding a relationship, flirt, say he's fine or none of that. I don't even like his status either it's just he came wanting to be friends and seek dating but I see all this going online even though we talk.

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