Ok, she asked me what I did on the weekend, I evaded a bit once and she asked for more details. What do?

Online dating, chatting with multiple girls. I got rejected by the one I was actively pursuing after a third date this weekend. I feel down but now at least I can focus on the next one.
So yeah this new girl I'm getting really interested in... we exchanged numbers, I'm planning to invite her on a date this week. Now she just asked me what else I was up to on the weekend. Should I say I was on a date and tell her things did not work out with this other girl, or just keep hiding it?


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  • Be honest. It makes no sense to have "secrets" when you're trying to build a foundation of trust. You're single---what else are you trying to do? If she's rational, she would understand this.

    • I told her the truth while remaining secretive. Basically I said I hung out at [place of the date], without mentioning with whom. Thats how I'd like a girl I'm interested in handles the situation if roles were reversed, so I guess that's fair.

    • A lie of omission? That's you, but I would have been completely honest to the person.

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  • You little player.

    Hide it. It'll just fuck things up if you tell her. She'll brush you off like nothing.

    • Yeah thats what I was thinking, I just got paranoid for a moment like if a friend later mentions the other girl (s) in front of my current date... I'll just hide it and watch out.

    • Tell your friend not to be a freaking retard.

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  • you coul tell her that but i wouldn't


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