Have you ever had someone come into your life at the wrong time?

I met someone last year that I felt I had a deep connection with but it seemed like everything was against it working out between us. We have since stopped talking to each other because it seemed like things continued to go in a downward spiral no matter how many apologies were exchanged. I still think about him because I felt something with him that I never felt with anyone else and I wonder if anywhere down the road we will be given a second chance.

Has that ever happened to you and how did you deal with it?


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  • I've been in love with my best friend for a year now and she sometimes admits to feeling the same way but with us both going away to college soon there's no point in dating yet. we plan to try if were both still single once we graduate college. timing is a hugeeee pain, let me tell you


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  • Yes. It sucks. But if it were meant to be that wouldn't matter.


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  • Yep, 6 months ago, met the most amazing woman...
    I had depressive anxiety from my fathers death and pushed her away...
    Any other time apart from that period it would of not been an issue :(
    Timing/life... It happens

  • Yep, 5 months ago. Found the perfect girl. loved her offensive humor, which is rare for girls. Smart, beautiful, memorable laugh. It was her decision to end it, just by her gut feeling. She was so special to me. An angel

  • I think it was the wrong time, for her.

    She's a med student. We got involved in an online long-distance relationship, and for a time things were good. Very good. We would Skype as often as possible. I changed my work schedule to make that easier for us due to time-zone differences, but her work load escalated after a few months and we weren't able to Skype anymore. We continued to stay in touch by text, talking whenever possible, but over the last month that started slacking as well. I figured she needed space and would only message her once or twice a week.

    I've been doing research for her on schools she could apply to for residency. We last spoke on Friday . She stopped responding in the middle of the conversation, which to that point had been cordial enough, and today I find myself blocked. No idea why.

    I hope it's an issue with Facebook. This happened once before, her profile vanishing as though I were blocked, when we were still just acquaintances. It came back in a few days and I thought nothing of it, but now, after this slow break-down in communication?

    I figure after everything we've shared, all I've done for her, she'd respect what we have more than simply shutting me out without a word of explanation.

    I can't fault her if she lost interest. She has a lot more important issues to deal with right now than a man she has yet to meet in person. All I can hope for at this point is an explanation. I'd be happy to continue the research, to help her as a friend if nothing else, but if she's lost interest, I'd at least want to know so I can permit myself to move on.


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