Guys, What would you do if your girl did this?

So a little about me, I've been dating this guy for about 4 months, he's really cool and we seem to get along extremely well. He is a complete nerd, which is kind of cute in my opinion, and he LOVES Battlestar Galactica. He illegally downloaded a couple of episodes, but it lagged really badly and I wasn't all that into it anyway. I'm not really a fan of scify anyway, but I watched it because it's something he loves. He always talks to his friends about wanting the whole series to watch so he doesn't have to go through this whole mess just to watch his favorite show. So I went out and ordered Battlestar Galactica and I ordered the original series, thinking that's the one he loves. I gave it to him today, and he responded by "This is not the one I love." The one he loves is the newer series. -_- SMH I was a little upset. So my question is, how would you react if someone did this for you?


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  • If I also wanted the newer version I would've said the same thing. I would've been more appreciative though and hug you or kiss you for still trying. You put in effort to get me something that made my nerdmones tingle.

    at least now you know he's kind of ungrateful. Don't let this bring you down, you made an honest effort here and he didn't see that this time, you'll be rewarded somehow.

    • The honest fact that you said "Nerdmones" makes the situation better.

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  • 1st off
    the old ones are amazing as hell. He just a nerd
    (Unlike me)

    I would say in a high pitch
    "Ohhh my god, For Me?"

    Then id hint that these aren't the ideal shows.

  • Often it can be seen that nerds lack social skills but that doesn't mean they are being disrespectful. Here he could have said thanks and appreciate the fact that you watch something you find boring just for him and you bought gifts for him as well, but as I said they often lack social skills and sometimes they turned out to be self centered

    • He has social anxiety, so that could be why.. But definitely with the self-centered part too.

  • umm... well he or she could have talked in a more less of a douche way.

    if their being a bit awkward like he was i probably wouldn't say anything and not do anything for them again.

  • Appreciative. Sometimes we fanboy so hard we forget about the feelings of the ones we love.


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