Girls, How important is your first kiss with a guy?

So how much of a deciding factor is his performance when you first kiss a new guy? Is there are fair chance you'll ditch him for not being up to par, or are must guys good enough at kissing that's alright? Is this something I should be worried about? I think I'm alright at kissing but I don't think I'm great, so I doubt I could make the great impression with the first kiss that some girls might be expecting.
Any other views on this?
Girls any other opinions?


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  • My friend just got married, and he and his bride shared their very first kiss ever on the altar! It was amazing!

    • Super religious?

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    • You wouldn't call them religious? Why else would you get married before having your first kiss?

    • They wanted to take it a step farther than just waiting for sex. They wanted even their first kiss to build with anticipation and be that special when it happened. And, man! Believe me, it was SO worth the wait for them. I would love to experience something like that!

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  • It's pretty important, I wouldn't say I'd ditch him though if he was terrible. I would just push away when he does something I don't like and teach him what I do like

    Honestly she/a girl/whoever you were thinking of when you wrote this question won't be able to tell how inexperienced you are unless you're really bad or awkward

    I had my first kiss at 9 with a girl.*weird yes* I didn't kiss anyone else until age 19 *with a guy* Pretty sure he was clueless that I was inexperienced
    Still one of the most amazing first kisses/make out sessions ever

    On the negative side I've had a few terrible kisses from guys who I'm sure were experienced "they just sucked" so no most guys aren't prefect kissers

    But I don't think you should worry, I think the skill of kissing comes naturally for most and has more to do with brain chemistry than actually skill

  • I haven't had my first kiss yet. I am waiting for someone special.


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