Was he put off by the age difference? Is he not interested?

I talked to this guy at work on Friday and he seemed interested at first. we were talking for awhile and exchanged numbers. Before he left, he said see you Monday, but I asked him what he was up to that weekend which was maybe too forward. he said he was working late that night but would let me know if he got out early. I haven't heard from him this weekend. I'm a little concerned he was put off by the age difference or just could tell i was into him. he's 29 and i'm 20, should i just wait


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  • The age may have played some role but I wouldn't say you were too forward, in fact it is good you were because one way or another, whether he likes you or not you put the idea in his head, (unless he is completely oblivious) and if you exchanged numbers like that beforehand even more so. So I think there is still a good possibility he is interested.


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  • Age can definitely be a possibility. Especially on his side, when he was 19 you were 10, doesn't seem so normal now right lmao.

    I don't think you were too forward, that's something totally normal to ask someone if you mutually are interested. He could've just gotten caught up with something.

  • "Would let me know if he got out early."

    Looks like he didn't get out early. Talk to him on Monday and see if he has anything planned for the coming weekend. In other words, just wait.

  • What did you expect?


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