Would this rub you the wrong way too?

So my 28 year old bf is moving to Georgia from pa for a better job offer. Ill be moving in with him once I save up a little more money. We have been going out for 4 years now. Well he has two brothers a 26 year old one and a 21 year old one. Well his step dad tagged his two brothers and his mom and said we will all miss you so much and left me out. I am really hurt because his family knows me really well and I have been with him for a while now and they excluded me. They also said no one will miss us as much as well will. I just commented on the picture saying and me with a smiley face so they kind of got the point that they forgot me and that there is someone else like his gf who will also miss him just as much. It just rubbed me the wrong way and I felt a certain type of way about being. left out when they didn't tag me or include me in the picture. Would you be hurt too?


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  • Depends on your relationship with them. If you have a good one then, yes, it would bother me if I were you.

    • I am close with them yes

    • Yeah. Maybe it was an honest oversight. Doesn't make it any better though. Did they respond favorably to your response? If so then maybe they feel bad and will be more careful next time.

    • They didn't respond yet

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  • You say that you are moving too. Maybe he has been telling them how great it will be that you two will be living together, and they really don't see it as ' you moving away from him' as you will be joining him soon.

    • Then shouldn't they tag both of if? Since I am moving away and I am close to them won't they miss me too? I don't know either way I think it is weird he has a lot of friends that will miss him too to assume no one will miss him as much as they will seems kind of presumptious in my opinion

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  • Have you not already asked this question?

    • I have I just wanted more opinions. My fiance is planning tomorrow on talking to his family about their rudeness

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