What Does It Mean, If You Don't Go Online, and Suddenly Guy Keeps Reaching Out To you?

So I was always going online, and this guy I had feelings for used to chat on there, and suddenly I decided to stay offline, well i tell a lie, when i went on I would go on in airplane mode, now he keeps reaching out to me, why? And keep staying online, and coming on multiple times, When he sends me message he stays online waiting, Why does he act like this, when I act like i'm not bothered?


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  • Sometimes guys just hopeful that you will respond. I used be like that it used take a while to get picture. So why can't girls tell a guy when they not instead or find why the guy is messaging you.


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  • You like him and you hide yourself when he comes and talks to you? That's allright, I understood?

  • He's secretly interested.

    • Can I just ask he has been online countless times today, and stayed on twice over 30 mins, I decided to take airplane mode off went online stayed on for 5 mins but he didn;t say anything, then I went back on airplane mode came back he was still online, then went on in seconds, but then came back on after a couple of minutes. Why isn't he messaging me now? Have I blown it with him?

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    • He's surely interested in you or the one he just found.

    • Thank you

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