Confused about our dating status. Is he interested or just casually seeing me until the next girl?

So, I have come to the confusing point with a guy that I have been seeing where I just don't know what we are? We never set boundaries about casually dating and I want to have a talk with him. I did state two weeks ago I'm not looking for a relationship and his response was that he's looking to see what happens, which is OK with me because I'm open to it.

We met on Tinder, so first there's that.. We have been seeing each other for six weeks now and about 2, sometimes 3, times a week (every weekend Friday and Saturday). We didn't have sex until our third hang out and since then our sexual relationship has been sporadic (we're college students both living at our parent's houses). I thought a sign that there could be greater interest is we go out so much knowing sex isn't going to happen at either of our places (there's only been 5 nights where we've fucked).

What's confusing for me is he kisses me every time we part, will drive me around in his car when we go out and sometimes rest his hand on my leg, he has met all my closest friends now and in front of them has put his arm around me (I met one of his friends for the first time last weekend), he has stayed over and not left immediately the next day, during our hang outs/dates I have given him good exit points, but he always chooses to move onto another activity with me, and he's never turned down a plan to go out. We have not had an official date where he plans something and pays for the date, which has been OK, but I'm starting to feel like shit or get off the pot because it's really awkward for me to continue seeing a guy with so many blurred lines.

I think the catch is that he's still active on Tinder. I am too, but mostly because I'm hesitant as to where this is going. Seeing him leaves no real time or energy for me to see other people. He's also pretty reserved, doesn't like PDA, and talks about himself a lot. We also don't text very much, usually only to make plans with each other.

Ideas and opinions?


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  • I think you haven't really known this guy long enough, from what I've read you seem unsure yourself about what you want in the long run out of this relationship and he is likely in the exact same boat as you! I think that his efforts in making time with you 2 or 3 times a week without any guarantee for sex or anything shows that you are his motive for hanging out which definitely shows his interested!
    I think that your being a little paranoid about him just seeing you until he finds someone else and should just relax and see where this goes and if you want to make things more serious take little steps and see how responsive he is before making any big moves like dating :)


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