A girl likes me but another guy talks to her. What to do?

This girl i have been talking to a lot that seems to like me and my friends have been telling me that also. Like at my friends she asked if i wanted to sit by her, stay in the sauna after 2 other guys left, Keeps trying to hold my hand for a while even at the store like 4 different times, paid for me when i was at the store buying something, telling other guys at my friends house he's the nicest here, looking back at me winking, etc. there's many signs of it. And lets say If another guy talks to her and like sometimes goes to the gym or something with her but they have been friends for a while or sometimes see each other. Whats the best way for me to make a move if lets say a girl sometimes sees a guy but he may not try to date her? And how to ask if she wants to date? Would asking if she wants to go out or date be better? Along with where to ask?


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  • First come first served. Make a move before he does.

    • so lets say sometimes if a girl hangs out with another guy but she likes me i would just have to ask before he does?

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    • Wait, I thought she told YOU that the OTHER GUY was the nicest. If it's the other way around, the f*ck are you waiting for? Other than that, seems to me they just are gym buddies or just talk when they both are at the gym, that's all.
      Yes whatever, as long as you ask her when the two of you are alone it's fine, get to it, I won't reply any more, you need to move your ass.

    • Wait, i said that when I'm around her she says that guy is the nicest here? I meant when I'm around her, she would be around 3 other guys also and say he's the nicest here and then holds my hand. So i pretty much have to make a move ASAP huh

  • Bully him in the toilets about it.


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