What does his behavior mean?

So I met this guy through an online dating app (tinder), we exchanged numbers and we're texting a lot, almost everyday. When it came to making plans, they never seem to fall through and always left hanging. He has a tendency of just disappearing and not hearing from him for a while, I always text back but no reply for a few weeks. recently, he hit me up from Being MIA for a long time (like 'hey I'm going to text you, this way you don't forget about me.') and asking to have dinner, but now I am meh about it. I met another guy in the meantime when we weren't talking and was close to deleting his number again, but I sometimes feel like I am being strung along with him. I get he is busy a lot with his job, travelling and all, at least send me one little text saying you're busy or something. He says he still wants to meet up with me really and all this stuff, but I don't know it is now whatever to me. I mean I still like him but not as much as I once did... Am I just the other option?


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  • You might be another option, or he might be that flaky with everyone in his life. It's not your job to figure out which one it is; either way, he's not good relationship material. Stop wasting your time with him and move on.

    • You're right, he isn't worth pursuing a relationship with and today was the so called "date" literally was ten minutes. He picks me up at house, stop by his house he's renting and takes me back home (on the way there he says his boss calls him for an inspection for a house that got flooded). So we barely made any small talk, he was awkward right off the bat and didn't help me feel comfortable to talk to him at all. I even made a joke of a statement, that I've fucked longer than this "so-called date", he makes a few statements here and there, but the. Says I mean I can Have a few minutes to spare, if I wanted to fool around and I was like yeah, no... Also said he text me if he got done early with the job and he never did. Even a hardworking guy, would at least take a minute to text or call the girl he's into, to let her know what's going on. So needless to say, I left pissed offf and annoyed, that he once again found a way to flake on the date.
      Thanks for the advice! (:

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