There is a guy I think he likes me and I'm kind of freaking out about it... I don't like him back. Help?

There is a guy that I knew from where I work. Recently we added each other on Facebook. Well I kind of started it when I asked him if he could help me out with an art project. In kind of new to this area and don't know many artists And he's pretty good. The project was for an old friend that I just found out has cancer... Yeah. It sucks. But I didn't tell him that was the reason why.

Well, after wards he posted a pic that had a biracial couple and said "like/share" if you support. Of course I support and hit like! A lot if other people did too. People should love regardless of color And what have you. I reposted this thing that said how I'm just as happy chilling at home watching Netflix and playing video games as going some place fancy. And he liked it. So did a lot of other friends.

latter that day he messaged me asking what's up. We chatted. I thought nothing of it. Just stupid Facebook posts. Didn't think it would mean anything. We have been chatting for a couple of days now. But! I'm a night owl. I'm typically up past 12am. He messaged me at like 2am when he got home from a screening (we both work at a theater but different departments) asking why I'm still awake. I being friendly nieve never really talked to guys. Like. Ever. (other than friends) responded with "why are you?" He told me he went to see the new movies and that they where all wait until redox or Netflix types.
Now he teasingly asks why im still awake when ever I'm up past 12. I have a feeling he might have feels. . . But I don't know. He is pretty attractive, has a really really nice body. he's into videogames but most dudes are. Tonight he did it again and when I told him I was actually going to bed (lie I know... I'm terrible) he says " awe. Ok. Sweet dreams. :)"

I HATE that I feel like I'm leading him on or something. And I may be. He's a nice guy, but he is very... erm... Guy like? Im not super fond of many things he posts on Facebook. He


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  • Yes he's hitting on you. If you don't want to date him, honestly in his place I'd prefer to be told clearly and as early as possible. Even if on the moment, I would NOT be happy of course, later I would be thankful.

    • Only thing is that im a lot better at in person confrontation. . . if you where said guy would you prefer to be told in person or via text as it has been? We probably won't see each other until the weekend anyways. Since we work at the same place different department.

    • Meh, depends how long he's been hitting on you and mistaking your participation for an invitation.
      If it hasn't been long, you can totally do it by text, like for example two weeks.
      However personally I always prefer by voice, in your case a phone call is cool with me (I'll accept text too), face to face is maybe a bit much though. What I like about the phone call, is that you don't have any trace of it on your phone. Whereas a text, you can delete it but this needs mental strength, and if you don't, you can always go back and read it again or stumble upon it and it really doesn't help for moving on.

  • You can start by reducing the frequency of communication with him. Try limiting your responses to his constant messaging to once per day and see how that goes. You can say something like, "Sorry... had a lot going on yesterday."

    And for the record, there is nothing wrong with "guy-like" behavior. :-)
    You're just not feeling it for this particular guy.

    • Well no there is not at all. I live in a house of guys with the exception of my mom and toddler sister. With three brothers and my dad XD I didn't mean to sound weird with that. just not feeling it

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