Girls, my girlfriend didn't get me something for Christmas, for Valentine's day, and didn't wish me a happy birthday. Should I break up?

Girls, my girlfriend didn't get me something for Christmas, for Valentine's day, and didn't wish me a happy birthday. Should i break up?

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  • You need to talk to her about it. My sister and her husband are a couple who agreed, early in their relationship, that they would NOT exchange gifts for any holidays - no birthday gifts, no Valentine's Day celebrations, no Christmas gifts. They are both VERY pragmatic, practical-minded people who don't like to participate in the commercial aspect of gift-giving and holidays. They buy each other things here and there whenever they go shopping, but it's never dressed up as a gift or anything.

    On the other hand, I am a hopeless romantic. My boyfriend knows this and he's a big giver.

    My advice would be to just get to know what kind of person she is and what her views on this part of dating is. Some people just don't believe in giving gifts; take that into consideration before you break up with her. If she's a nice person in general, it seems a bit hasty to end it entirely just because she's not giving you gifts. And if you really like her, you'll want to work this out.


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  • YES. Look, those days may be commercialized but it's a special day for plenty of reasons and for lovers more than once.

    The fact that she didn't care enough about you to acknowledge your day of BIRTH--which isn't important to some men, but it shows that she didn't even care to remember or she didn't care enough about you period when you reminded her (I'm guessing you did)--tells me she isn't worth your time.

    Get someone better.

  • hey listen a relationship is not a piece of clothing that u just throw away like that u don't just break up at everything what about talking to her telling her what ur thinking and not appreciating
    ur gonna throw away all the good memories all the good moments because of the few bad ones , that doesn't seem so smart
    communicate talk to her u might just resolve this in a minute , and u want to break up just like that
    give her another chance give the relationship another go

  • Relationships aren't all about gifts. It's about the bond and heart growing into one, gifts are the last thing you should worry about. & If she didn't say happy birthday be like "aren't you forgetting something?" or just be honest but not to honest. Learn to love her for her and not the extra bonus, which are gifts.

  • If she is a Jehovah's witness than no... But if she celebrates holidays, yes. It's really rude not to attempt to make someone happy on their birthday. Get rid of her.. Not for you.

  • If u love her stay with her you can't just dump someone because they dont give u gifts maybe she doesn't have a lot of money i know she forgot to wish u happy birthday that was kinda rude but u should stay with her if u love her

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