Why does this guy keep coming back around?

I knew this guy abou 3 years ago... we went on a date and talked for about a month. I ended up breaking it off because he came off as a player to me and he didn't seem as interested in me as I was in him. Basically we stopped talking and he acted really immature and wouldn no longer come up to me or anything when we saw each other. That was 3 years ago and I STILL see him around campus and he still tries to get my attention, keeps staring at me, and keeps showing up in the same places I am and our university is pretty big.



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  • Does he know why you broke up?
    Do you know if he understood?
    This guy used to like you, you broke up with him and he needs a lot of time because he loves you more than you tought.
    After break up cycle is different for every couple. It could take him only a few hours like several decades, it's very normal.

    • We hardly even dated though it wasn't serious at all! I don't know if he knows I guess I just stopped talking to him and he did the same. We ended on weird terms both of us playing games and saying anything to each other to this day even if we see each other around all we share is eye contact nothing more.

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