Female co-worker told everyone we hooked up. Now what?

I started my new job 2 months ago. I told myself I'm not going to ask any women out from work (as I don't want things to get messy). It seems that a lot of women here have a crush on me so their married co-workers try to befriend me and ask me out to dinner so that their single friend can get to know me.
I wanted to make new friends at work and socialize with them, so for the first time, I accepted their invite, but I turned up 3 hr late. I was surprised that they actually waited for me. Once I got their, we all joked around for half an hour, and they were getting me drunk. Then, they left ("oh my husband is calling me, I'd better run"), leaving the single lady with me. I didn't want to seem rude by leaving just 30min after I got there, so I stayed with her and she took me for a stroll. She started touching me a lot and when we got to a signal, she just held me and kissed my cheeks then my lips. I don't know what happened but we made out. It was fun, but I wouldn't have done it if we were drunk. I told her that I'm a private guy and that she shouldn't tell anyone what happened. She was like "they'r emy best friends, we don't keep secrets".
The next day, everyone.. and I mean everyone at work knew we hooked up. I was deeply embarrased. I think I might have ruined my chances with a woman who I actually like (she'll probsbly hate me for this). I don't think this is something people will forget. I really don't want to talk to this girl I hooked up with as she deliberately disrespected my wishes (there was no need to brag about hooking up), but knowing that she's popular at work, what do I do? Ughh..


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  • That was just plain RUDE of that girl!
    You should definitely not talk to her unless she apologizes, if she's popular or not she disrespected your wishes so don't feel bad about it but just watch out for that chick.
    and don't overthink it I'm sure the girl you like will understand.


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  • You actually 'hook up' or just make out? There's a difference :p

    • We made out then went to her place.

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  • Uh, hey dumbass, girls only want what other girls have. Hooking up with that chick only makes you MORE attractive to the other girl you really like. What to do? Go ask her out on a date right now.

  • Lol I'd normally expect a girl to be posting this kind of scenario :o


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