What do you say to a guy that you find attractive?

There is a guy I saw at my university that I find really attractive. I want to get to know him. But he doesn't know I exist. I don't know what to say to him. I'm afraid of rejection and he's so attractive to me and that intimidates me a little bit. I get nervous when I think about even saying hi to him. But I want to say something to him. I don't want my fear to keep me from taking a chance. We could end up being good friends. What can I say to him?


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  • as easy as this is to say on here, I'd suggest saying "Hello, how are you?" then after he says good or what ever his answer is introduce yourself. rejection is a very nerve racking thing, I know this all too well. We are ALL afraid of rejection so don't feel alone in that aspect. just introduce yourself and go from there :) I know my advice seems probably pretty standard, but its really the best thing I feel you can do in this situation. just don't let your fear control you (another thing easier said than done).

    • True... I think I have been letting my fears control me. I would see a lot of guys at school and I'm life but I never said anything to them because I was afraid. But I want to start getting rid of the fears. Thank you for your advice. It is something simple I could say. I just hope I don't make a fool of myself lol

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    • lol its all good :P. believe it or not they really don't lol. but eh its whatever, guess I'm just not approachable lol :P

    • Really? But you look handsome in your profile picture. =) Maybe they are intimidated. Guys don't really approach me either.

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  • girl this was so helpful! & i also commented to get an Xper point... haha

    • Ha ha Glad I could help lol

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  • ask wot his name is, as 4 the stat?

    • Lol true I could ask that. But then won't there be dead silence? What do you say after that?

  • "Hey you, what's your name?"

    "I'm (your name)!"

    "I've seen you around and wanted to meet you in person, wanna get STARBUCKS?"

    Who can say no to Starbucks? Every hip college kid loves to spend 6 dollars for a 12oz Frap.

    • Lol there is a Starbucks on my campus too. That's another good option.

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  • Can I butter them biscuits haha not really I'm really shy so I have my friend do it for me.

    • Lol I literally laughed out loud when I saw this lol. I'm kind of shy too when first meeting people. Then I warm up to them. Unfortunately I don't have any friends in this particular class. Lol so It would be all me.

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    • True I could ask him for help with the homework or something. Lol

    • Goffer et.

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