Help me just please?

Well I really like this guy and today my friend told me she likes him too. I don't know if I feel okay about this because I really really like him and she's wayyy prettier than me obviously he's gonna go out with her. This is like the first guy I've really liked. I just want to cry.


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  • Talk to your friend about it and in the process call dibs. Unless you're too late and she already called dibs. When you're in the situation you are in the dibs system is supposed to be employed.

    • She'll probably try anyway, we both think the dibs thingy is stupid

    • That's why girls always have feuds. Under the bro code the dibs system would be employed. End of story and you still have your friend. Under your non-system there is jealousy, regret, and sorrow. That leads to catfights and long terms of giving eachother the silent treatment.

    • 😂😂😏

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  • talk to her and the guy. only one of you can have him. survival of the fittest

    • Yeah but it's pretty obvious she's the fittest and I don't have the courage to talk to him

    • no your beautiful

    • I could look like shrek you don't know, it doesn't help that she's one of my best friends and that she's just a piff ting

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