If you were crazy about a guy would you lose interest eventually if he didn't show you he cared?

Never really complimented you or made you feel special. Would you give him a second chance in the future?


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  • Never complimented me or made me feel special? Yes, I'd lose interest. This would be after I brought up the subject in a delicate way, if he said he didn't care then why would I waste my time?

    • I did care told her I did. Was just long distance at the time and extremely busy.. was going through the police academy. Didn't have time try and figure out what was wrong. She would say things here n there in anger and blow up saying I don't care but I didn't take them that seriously at the time because she would say everything is fine the next day. Very passive aggressive.

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    • Jealousy and trust issues are some of the biggest reasons LDRs fail to work. Not saying you can't have a long distance one, but there has to be trust on both sides. Since you wrote her a letter and let it all out, and if she feels the same then there is hope for a second chance. If she is still being that way, with the jealousy and trust issues I don't know, I would move on and find someone that makes you happy.

    • But that's just me. You do what you think is best for you. :)

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  • I'd definitely lose interest. Eh, I'm not sure. I've had bad experiences with second chances, so I probably wouldn't. Would depend on the circumstance.

  • It depends. If I still feel something for him, why not? But if its all gone, then the probability is low.


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