I'm apathetic? it scares me?

I have been apathetic since the age of 12, i was diagnosed with scoliosis and i had to wear a brace for the upcoming 4,5/5 years 24/7, i changed completely, i couldnt do anything, i was very lifeless, i told myself to not cry about it, not talk about it, and just wear it, as a teen i felt very very left out, i was social before and cared about life and when i had the brace my life was like a prison, i was like a robot, i pushed people away. When i was 17 i was exciteed about life but i didn't know how to live anymore, i didn't have a brace anymore and suddenly life... was... nothing to me, i became depressed and apathetic, im 22 and still am, i dont care about building relationships, dont care about bf, im extremely selfish, dont care about sex since i never tried it out, don't care about making friends, everything feels like boredom to me... why? i dont see myself as a victim, its jst the effects that never left me...


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  • It sounds like it must be hard. I myself am also diagnosed with scoliosis, but lucky as I am, I didn't have to wear a brace. I feel for you and I have learned that it's hard to get up from a pit, and that you have to change perspective to get up. Don't know if it will work for you but I tried to see myself to be more selfless, happy and social than I was and then I tried to become that person and then one day all my fears and sad feelings had vanished without me noticing because I had become that social, selfless, happy person.


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  • It sounds like you're still suffering from depression. Have you ever considered counselling or therapy? It might be of some use to you. Certainly more helpful than sketchy advice from strangers on the internet.


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