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I am currently dating a man I met online last year. We've met up from time to time and I really do care about him. However there always seems to be a grey area. At first he was uncertain if I liked him as more than a friend due to my shy nature, I caught on early on and within no time it was cleared up.

Then I was unsure if he was looking for a serious relationship- one day he mentioned it being important for him to date different people to find out what he liked and didn't like. I thought he was talking about at this time in his life and he wanted to have a fling, but he was talking about his past. So he confirmed he in fact does want a serious relationship which is what I want too.

But recently I've found myself wondering if we are even dating anymore of if we have reverted to being friends. I think the problem is neither of us really asked what we wanted in the beginning. We spent a lot of time laughing and chilling like friends do and we didn't get to the nitty gritty (in terms of relationships). Gradually we've touched on what we want, past relationships, what we like etc it's just not apparent if he is thinking about having a future with me. We've kissed and we've joked about there being a part two to which he said he thought it was too early for that.

Lately we have not been in contact as much, which I wouldn't say is a bad thing. Every time one of us have made contact we've had loads more to talk about as a pose to talking everyday. He called me for the first time in weeks and it was like he was expecting something, there was something about the awkward silence we had at the start- this never usually happens. I just acted normal and didn't touch on the fact we have been a little out of touch. He seemed disappointed that he didn't know I had the day off, like if he'd known we could have done something.

I do miss him and I would like to meet up, I'm just worried the feeling isn't mutual. How do you think I should go about addressing this?


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  • If you have the same days off work/ school , let he know this so if it were to be that you two could get away for an putting he will know the best times to do so. As far as knowing if he is still interested or if he is cooling his heels it just best to ease into that topic when you next talk


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  • I would hit him up, ask him to meet up or suggest it casually, and see how that goes. If he's not willing to meet up, or gives excuses as to why he can't, then let it go.

  • Ldr don't really work. You'd be better off investing in someone closer.

    • We live about 30 mins away from each other by car lol

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