I want to know how he feels about me?

Ok, I've been seeing this guys for 10 months now... He is a total workaholic, but he is very responsible and I can understand that. We were recently having a conversation about feelings and we have never said " I love you" but we have said we feel for each other. I just recently had surgery and he's been there, because of work I haven't seen him as much as I would like, but he calls and texts me to see if I'm a ok. I met his mother recently and he met mine. Mine is here to help me out during my recovery, and she's leaving soon and he took us both out to lunch yesterday because he wanted to do something nice for her, he's always asking me if I'm ok financially because of being out of work, he always asks how my kids are, always wants to know how my day was, etc etc. The thing is I do love this man and he knows I do. But I can't for the life of me read him. I asked him how he feels about me and he told me he has feelings for me but doesn't know yet what type of feelings and that when he's ready he will let me know. I feel that if at almost a year of you don't know how you feel for someone then maybe there's nothing there. I'm very confused.


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  • Ask him how he feels then.


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