Is it ok for my best friend to hang out with my ex?

my best friend and I are from the same place and we've been friends for a few years. Then we had to pursue our further studies at different states. I met a guy at this new state who happened to be on tour for his gig. We were together for 2 months and he had to leave. So we decided to end our relationship because we both knew we couldnt do distance. The relationship was intense in a good way and we really connected. I obviously told my best friend about him. Now the tricky part is that he's from the place that my friend is studying at. So when I had a conference there, I met them and introduced them. We connected again and i felt emotions flooding for him. I felt really close to him. My friend could see that. So a few weeks after I left they started hanging out and going for parties. I know I have no right to say who's should hang out with you but i can't help feeling betrayed by both of them. My friend knows more about the guy that I once knew so well and had such strong feelings for than I do. I just feel like a part of me , an important memory was taken away from me. All the good things that I remembered about him is suddenly replaced by her version of him now. it's just a sucky feeling.


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  • F*ck no. It's shady and inappropriate. She should have more respect for your feelings than to do that.


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