Should I text him?

So I met this guy at a party Saturday night and we were texting and then I invited him out to bowling.. We went bowling with another one of my friends and everything was cool he was a little quiet but still seemed very interested etc then we're leaving and he's asking what I'm gonna do by I had to drop my friend off so couldn't hang it anymore with him.. He said to call him when I get a chance and I said I'd text him.. Not sure if he thought that was weird but I meant is text him while I'm driving and then call him later.. But I'm texting him and then he doesn't respond... It's possible he could've fell asleep but I haven't heard from him all day and I don't know if I should just text him or wait until he texts me
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  • if you're worried then text him , if he doesn't respond just move on i guess.

    • I mean I'm not necessarily worried just wondering why he hasn't text me and if it's too much for me to text him

    • if i was you i would text him just to make sure everything is okay , also you show him you care and that could lead to him wanting you more.

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  • don't text, call him. that's what he asked for


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