Why do I choose the wrong girls?

1st crush of my life was in class 8, she kept me as a second option and I too waited but she eventually went with her first option.

2nd crush used me to get closer to my bestfriend. Now she and my bff are together.

3rd crush is incapable of falling in love. The most important thing for her is money.

Why? Why do I go for the wrong type of girls? What's wrong with me?


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  • dude. at least you like people who are real lol. i have an eternal flame burning for a book character lol. SO LAME.


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  • You're hanging out with the wrong type of people. In any case, you'll find the right one for you eventually, and hence there dating for that. Most people date about 1000 in their lifetime, but only about 10 of that are actually worth exploring and real.


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  • Were there red flags that you ignored or didn't see? Otherwise, it's probably just bad luck.


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