What should a boy do if a girl says yes after asking her out?

I was wondering because I'm gonna ask a girl out


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  • Depends what you mean by 'asking her out' - do you mean asking her to go on a date with you? Or asking her to be your girlfriend?

    If you're asking her on a date, then maybe have a rough date idea - time, place etc. in mind, so then you can say 'great, how about we go catch a film?' for example.

    If you mean asking her to be your girlfriend, then if she says yes, I wouldn't say anything, I'd just take her in my arms and kiss her on the top of her head and squeeze her tightly :).

    • Wow.. I read and imagined the last sentence in a man's voice.

    • Haha I'm not gonna lie, it felt quite odd to be writing that...

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  • Plan a location and a time :) Then get ready for that hangout!!

  • Are you asking her out on a date? Or asking her out to be boyfriend and girlfriend?


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