Girls, please read these texts. Do you think she's into me or not?

I had a great date with this girl last week that i thought went really well. She let me walk her home and on the way she even said "next time we should do this". But since then I feel like she hasn't been acting like she's into me, based on our texting. I've asked her out twice and she hasn't really responded well to it. I know this is a lot but please let me know what you think.

me - hey i had a great time last night. as it turns out we have an extra ticket to the game Thursday. interested?
her - I had a great time too! Darn- i wish i could go Thursday but i can't. thanks for the invite!!
her (10 minutes later) - we should go sometime thought!
me - defintiely

me - Happy Thrusday ;) Are you around this weekend?
her - Happy Thursday! I'm jealous you're going to the game tonight! Yep I'll be around this weekend"
me - Up for dinner Saturday?

her - Hi! I will be doing a beach day with girlfriends Saturday and not sure how late we will be there so prob have to take a rain check
me - no worries, beach day sounds awesome. have fun!
her - yes thank you! What you doin?
me - well i just got invited to a bbq and camping for the weekend so looks like my weekend is set
her - awesome sounds amaizng! have a great time i'm jealous!
me - thanks have a great weekend!
her - hey by the way did you stay for the whole game last night?
me - Almost, we left at the top of the 12th. Bummer we lost but still a good game
her - oh wow! Sheesh! Well glad you got your moneys worth ;)
her - too bad the outcome though
me - yeah could been worse, nothing wrong with sitting outside on a warm night watching baseball
her - oh exactly!

me - so how was the girls beach day?
her - Terrible and cold! LOL but we made the most of it


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  • Personally, i believe if someone genuinely wants to be part of your life, then they'll make an obvious effort to put you in it. Regardless of how busy they are. People who want to be with you , will sacrifice some time for you out of their busy schedule.

    She could have easily arranged to go somewhere else with you, at a time when she isn't so" busy" but she didn't. I wouldn't contact her again, and move on from her.


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  • I think she's just a busy girl and has her days full, but is interested in going out with you

    Try making plans more ahead of time instead of in such short notice... Such as calling on Monday to make plans for Thursday yeah? Good luck

  • She's not sure yet. She's holding you at arm's length in case she doesn't want to see you anymore, but within reach in case she does. Classic case of having one foot in the door and one foot out.

  • She unsure how do I know? I did the same went out with a guy one week then next week I made sure I had plans and then the week after I ended up suggesting something.

  • Sounds like you're the second option honestly. If someone wants you in their life, they'll make an obvious effort. You'll be able to tell without asking this question.

  • Tuesday alone was enough to say she's definitely not interested but feels bad, so she's stringing you a long.

  • Looking at her texts, it seems like she puts you in the back burner. So you seem like a last resort. When I have a date with someone and if I didn't like them, I would be real enough to say that it would be best if we were friends.

    If someone made an event to hang out with me first, then my day is solely reserved for that person. Meaning if you asked me out first and someone made a beach day with me, I would take a rain check on that second person and reserve my energy for that first person. I appreciate the notion that you can't have everything.

    If she genuinely liked you, then I would pick up on a hint of flirtation. It would be inevitable.

    Just distance yourself from her and don't initiate anything from now on. Let her make the next date.

  • Sounds like she isn't totally sure.

  • Yeah she doesn't seem like she's 100% into you but knows that you are so she's keeping you at arms length in case she does want you.

  • Ya I mean if she wasn't into u then she wouldn't hav responded and she used exclamation points and smiley faces which is a good sign


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