This is my first girlfriend and i'm just wondering if what she is doing is normal?

I have my first girlfriend and in general i'm a shy guy and don't know much about women but she likes to take my clothes and wear them. She cuddles with me almost all the time and also grinds on me (which i do like) when we cuddle), when we're driving she likes to tickle me and bother me. She is very loving and caring with me which i really love, but sometimes i think a bit too clingy when i'am trying to watch a show or study.

Also i met her friends too and they all seemed to like me i think and because i was a bit shy to meet them my girlfriend thought that was cute? In general she thinks my shyness is cute.

Are all these things normal? i'm not sure because this is my first girlfriend so you guys and gals can laught at me if you want. So i guess is this normal?
i forgot to mention, like sometimes when i'm on the couch she jumps on me and engages me into a wresting match out of nowhere


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  • That's normal... when a girl wears your clothes it's comforting to her because she knows your hers and it makes her feel loved, the teasing is normal as well, what would a realtionship be without teasing? she's not being clingy just that's how she is, she's very playful so don't make her feel like she is "clingy" and "annoying" because you'd only turn her off you, if it bothers you at points just tell her to stop and that's she's being too hyper and you get her that she's really playful and you do like that but at certain points of the day you just want to cuddle and relax. You sound cute together :).

    • I'm also the same as your gf, i could go on and on teasing you because it's fun xD but i'm like a fly that doesn't go away lol

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    • haha :D fight! fight! :P what a fun gf you have definitely, hold tight onto her cos she's a treasure

    • yeah she's my princess and i will always protect her :)

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  • Sounds pretty normal to me. If anything I'd say it looks like a good relationship. Her being a little clingy is a good thing because at least then you know that she's faithful to you and isn't off with other guys behind your back. Other than that they all seem like positives. (well as long as it's not dangerous levels of tickling or annoying in the car when you're driving. :P )

    • Hmm that sounds good. I want to be the only guy with her! and when we drive she does it at red lights or on small streets

    • That's good. It definitely sounds normal but I'd say you landed in a pretty good relationship for your first one. She sounds really cute and playful. I hope it goes well for you both! :D

    • thanks haha. All the best to you too

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  • Yeah that's normal


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  • I've only had one girly friend but she is pretty well the same. Except mine likes to choke me and is pretty abusive. It's not really a problem, girls are known for mood swings at times. But her emotions are like on steroids or something. Anyways, yeah I think your girl is pretty normal as far as girls go. It's best put like a friend of mine once said, "they're all crazy, so you may as well pick a cute one"

    • lmao at the quote. and as for your gf, the choking thingis a bit out of hand, did you tell her to stop?

    • Yeah, that kinda just makes her mad haha. But it kind playfull sometimes.

    • If it bothers you, you should bring it up, but if it's playfull then i guess it's ok. All up to you really

  • Sounds like girlfriend stuff to me, although I would tell her to stop messing with you like that while driving. That could lead to some dangerous situations.

    • when we drive she does it at red lights or on small streets

    • least she temporarily gets time to mess with you before the lights turn green. Honor to the end.

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