Girls, Women, how accurate is this?

Personally I think it's a bunch of bs. For example, I'm in a situation where the woman and I don't see each other in person, which is why I like to keep the phone calls kind of long (30 minutes to an hour).


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  • Their advice is literally terrible. It's like 5 Easy Steps to Comes Off As A Jerk.

    Do you know the main reason I don't go out with guys? Bad conversation. And those tips are all about bad conversation. Welcome to the modern age where 2 days are forever and no one thinks anything of people having at least four apps on their phone to talk to people.


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  • I agree with you. What a load of crap! Just treat women like people if you're interested in them, not some weird one-dimensional characters from a 90s sitcom. Jaysus!

  • LMAO. Horrible advice.

    -Waiting a couple of days is asinine. If you really like the girl or you want a booty call, why are you going to waste time? Call/Text the girl at an appropriate time.

    -Having a reason for the call is a der. I don't like to speak about nonsense on the phone. I can do that in person.

    -It depends on what you're talking about in order to keep it brief. If you called to tell me that you have a surprise and I should meet you at such and such, then of course.

    But why call to have an interesting conversation that will only last for 5 minutes? Ugh.

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    • Just copy and paste the URL manually.

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    • Too funny. I stopped at women love the phone. I'm a woman and I dislike idle chit chat on the phone. All these silly rules. How about be yourself and you'll end up with someone who you click with. This wait 2 days or play hard to get crap is garbage. If you like someone you show interest and if that person likes you back it won't come off as needy. I say forget these rules and do what feels right. A guy once told me I should play hard to get to interest guys, I thought it was the dumbest advice I'd been given. Why play games if you're serious about meeting someone and having a relationship? Meh, silliness.

    • @asker when I wrote "you" I didn't actually mean you, but a person in general. I'll have to correct myself of that habit. 😉

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