Is there really no way to actively search for a special person?

I assume I'd meet someone through a common activity and we just click. Or I'd find someone in a class I have a crush on. Is there anyway to speed up this process I haven't met anyone new and summer is almost here. How can meet someone?


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  • Just talk to random women and just compliment on how much prettier they are than other girls in the class

    • I find the idea of talking to random girls weird. Like I'm just desperate and what to talk to anyone. But I guess that's how I'd meet people at places other than class or work. But usually there's a girl who stands out that I notice is different but this semester nothing. 😂

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  • try some dating website maybe/

    • I have been and I just feel like the only ones that stand out are those who are more physically attractive. How would I know I have chemistry or don't have chemistry with the less attractive girls.

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