What do I do between these two guys I like?

So I have been dating this guy (guy 1) for almost 3 months and I met another guy (guy 2) and he asked me to prom and I went with him and he has made me feel happy and special for a long time. They both are great guys, very respectful and caring of me. But the problem is, is that I like both of them a lot and I have been thinking about guy 2 lately and hanging out with him at school and stuff and he kissed me. But I like both of them and I dont know who to chose because both of them are in my heart, I think? If you have any opinions and questions, please tell and ask me because im desperate? Right now it is a very hard time to listen to my heart so if you can guide the way, Helpp?


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  • You can't be in love with two people at the same time.
    The one who you find yourself thinking about when you're suppose to be doing something else, the one who you feel safest with, makes you smile the most, is the one you want to be with. I think you want guy #2, but you feel bad for the other so that's why you want both.


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