What's a good way to make conversation with my girlfriend?

I've been dating this girl for 3 months, i'm crazy about her and she's crazy about me. Problem is, is that the "honeymoon phase" or whatever its called only lasts so long. I'm a very introverted and quiet person, i'm trying my hardest not to be. I really wanna make this work. Any advice? I don't wanna wait too far down the road to attack this problem because Id rather it not be a problem.


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  • Ask about her day. Girls love to know that you you care about what she's been up to or how she feels. Just make sure you show that you actually care instead of just being like "okay" after she responds, make it like "how was your day/what have you been doing today?", "it was good, I went to go shopping", and you ask "where? what did you buy?" and so on. Let her speak since you are more of a quiet/listener i guess. If she hasn't been out yet ask what her plans are this week... Ask her questions such as what do you think about ___? Have you ever ___? Would you ever ___? What do you think the future is gonna be like? etc etc Open up to each other and get to know each other, get to know each others opinions, ideas, beliefs. See what you have in common with. Ask questions and let her speak, be ready to answer her though if she asks you. If she asks you why you're asking, just say you're curious, or I just wanna know your opinion, etc.
    I was with a guy once who never ever asked me questions. I became so frustrated and ended up breaking up with him in the end cause I thought he wasn't interested in my life or about me.


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  • do u know what topics she's into?


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