I lied about how my boyfriend and I met to my parents and friends, I'm in deep water aren't I?

Well, I told my parents and friends who are all hardcore Christians that my boyfriend and I met at church. When in actuality we met online. I feel like a poop cuz I lied, I definitely did it cuz I knew what they'd say if I told them the truth. It's stupid, but I wanted them to respect him. I haven't told my boyfriend exactly all of this. I'm kinda scared he'll like hate me for it. I did it not thinking about the Repricusions. I need help please


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  • You're over 18 where you meet guys isn't up to your parents anymore

    • I agree :) how should I tell them? I just feel bad for lying originally.

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  • My parents don't know how I really met my boyfriend. They don't even know how long we've reallllly been dating... Cuz I jump relationships quick and they were upset about my previous breakup. And no I don't feel bad cuz I'm 22 years old.. It's my life. My relationship... And it was better for them to believe I waited 5 months instead of 1 month. And that I met him at school rather than at a club. He understands too and my parents think better of him for it


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  • You shouldve said you met on christian mingle

    • Haha that would have worked out nicer I'm sure :P

    • haha yeah but I think it's best to just be honest with them now, and explain to them why you felt the need to lie to them in the first place, they'll probably be understanding. and maybe introduce eachother if they haven't already haven't

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