What do you think of this first date idea?

We meet at a nearby sandwich shop (I drove but she doesn't know that) I buy her a sandwich and tell her that we have two option for the day. 1. we can go for a walk by the lake and eat and talk. or 2. I can take her on a nature hike (which would require us to get in my car). I would bring a blanket and cups and a thing of sparkling grape juice.

We have been texting on and off, but I do know that she is very interested. I just don't know her comfort level and wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable if we were no longer within walking distance of either of our places of residence. It is only the first date. Is that too romantic for a first date? We don't know each other too well.


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  • This is a fantastic idea. No, I do not think that this is too romantic. I believe she would be very grateful and will enjoy herself. Best of luck.


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