Asking out a much plainer girl?

My last girlfriend was super pretty, but in the end a b***** I like how sweet this new girl is and I feel like who really cares because i hook up with girls all the time and don't really want to get into a relationship for the sex--its a non factor. Once I have to commit though, do you think her not being as pretty will make it suck for me or do you think she will get prettier because I will start to see her that way (because of growing feelings)?


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  • It could go either way, to be honest. I find that a lot of the time, the more you get to know someone, a person with average looks who you were initially only mildly interested in can become someone you find attractive and extremely interesting over time. Then again, some things are impossible to get over.

    My advice would be not to commit right away. In today's dating scene, immediate commitment isn't even necessary. Ask her out for coffee or lunch, go on a couple of dates, but don't jump into a relationship or ask her to be your girlfriend right off the bat. The "dating" part is like testing the waters, deciding whether or not you want to take it further and start a relationship or whether you're just not feeling it and think you're incompatible. Spend some more time with her and see if your attraction increases at all. If not - well, you can't really help that.


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  • If you like her then that's all that matters. Even if you think she's plain looking, that doesn't mean you won't see her differently once feelings develop (as you said in your question). However, if you find that it's a problem, then you shouldn't stay in a relationship with her because that wouldn't be fair to either of you.

  • Honestly I had a serious bf in the past that I thought was cute in the beginning and overtime I thought he was gorgeous bc I loved him so much, even tho some of my friends told me he looked "ok". I think if u are used to the single life the temptation could arise to cheat, but it just depends how serious u are about her

  • I think it's a great idea. A word of warning, though, you might fall in love with her.
    My "plain" husband of two years is living proof of that.


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