How do you know the guy is loyal?

is he cheating
or he is trying his best? to i rate him as the best bf but...
what if he always with other girls at skool and barely with u
thankxx but if, he always takes you out , spend time with you but u feel that its not enough and he always have time for others n he is like i love u want our relationship to last and stuff, should i stay n c how it goes?


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  • Then you should find another boyfriend, he may not be cheating on you but it is very disrespectful of your boyfriend to pay more attention to other girls over you. He may be a good boyfriend, at times, but the fact is he seems very spotty on his loyalty to you given your description of him. Not all guys are like that, trust me, find someone who respects and appreciates you and doesn't feel the need to flirt with other women while he's with you.

  • If he's not acting suspicious you can assume that he's being loyal.


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