Girls, Would you feel a little attachment to the only man who was in your life?

If you hadn't been with a man in over a year (sexually) then one comes along for a short period then leaves. wouldn't you feel something? Considering you weren't talking to any other men. And was lonely


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  • I always feel something, and then I wonder if its stupid of me to feel that way. and then I feel pathetic for letting a guy make me feel that way. and I just get really worked up over it, and it makes me question everything I did, and I always wonder if I did something wrong

    • Omg. U took the words out of my mouth. About wondering if its something you did.. In a way I believe that.. But then there's a part of me that believes. It was out of my hands also. Some things are unstopable No loss feels good. but can't change it. Life..😕. I guess the turn side is more knowledge

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    • its just so frustrating to put you're self out there, and think that a guy might like you. and then he just moves on, or just straight up starts ignoring you with no explaination

    • Things just spontaneosly stop. And when that happens your always gonna blame yourself. Having no closure makes it more painful. Carefull when putting yourself too out there, it reads desperate. sad thing is most guys bounce once they get what they want. or get tired. I've been there before and it's crazy I have a lot of experience with men but haven't been dealing with them a lot lately so its like I forgot everything I knew.

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  • Well I can only speak for myself, but once I'm done, I'm done. I dated an ex for 2 years, and once that final straw broke... It was as if nothing had happened between us, I could remember it, but remembering the feelings made me sick. Msybe it's different for the dumpee, but sick I dumped him I don't know.
    I mean it was also a slow process, we probably should of broken up after the first month but I was young and convinced myself he was a good guy, just troubled (young and stupid me) so there were many issues for the entire relationship. So I had been loosing the feelings for awhile.

    Though a friend of mine had been dating this guy for awhile everything was going great and out of the blue he asked for a break. She was and still is a month later heart broken. Because she didn't make the call? Because she thought they were great? Because it was still new to her? No idea really.
    If you don't have feelings for him anymore it just means you've moved on

  • Yes because he would be all I know and no one likes to start over

  • Oh definitely. But I think you don't miss him per se, but miss the way he made you feel about yourself. He gave you meaning and, for a brief moment, you felt loved. You miss that feeling, not exactly him, but his kisses.


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