I am a black girl and I have a "thing" for white/caucasian guys and I find it really hard to find a white guy that likes black girls. Help?

Im a not aggressive at all (unless i abousltly have to), i dont do that "loud clap" etc . I guess you would call me an oreo girl (black on the outside, white on the inside), and i feel like since ghetto, loud black girls ruin it for the rest of us no other race would date us because, they most likely think we are too loud. It kinda sucks that its this way but what can you do... Anyways, I always see videos about how to notice that a white guy likes black girls and do white guys like black girls etc .. but its like the same video over and over. I just want some TRUE answers not the same ones i see on youtube and blogs.
I'll date any race but mostly white guys.
I dont mean to make my self seem im better than anyone...


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  • I really find Black girls really attractive. Sometimes i get turned on just by looking at one. And when i see a black girl i never think of the traits you just mentioned, i don't know why you think that's how we think when we see a black girl.

    Hope my opinion helped, good luck.


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  • ok, here we go. first of all, guys your age, are dumb. some might be afraid of the 'looks' or people 'talking'. no matter what the racial mix up is, people are going to talk. trust me. i am dating a black guy for the first time. it's harsh with ignorant people. don't blame things on 'racial stereo types', seriously. a good guy will see you are just YOU, not a color, not a stereotype. most dudes at your age have NO clue how to treat a girl, seriously. don't fret too much, you may have to wait until you are older and boys mature up to handle a socially harsh issue as interracial dating. it SUCKS still having to deal with this shit in this day in age, really. i get called names ALL the time for DATING a black guy. we aren't even serious right now, and people lose their shit. keep your chin up, the right guy will come along when you least expect it, just keep being YOU and kick ass in class! keep them grades up chicka! you are a strong, and obviously sweet girl. just flirt! smile and laugh at their jokes, say nice things, compliment the guy. interracial dating is JUST the same as any other dating. just be you, show your interest, and SMILE! rock on girl!! rock ON!

    • Thank you so much!

    • let me say this as well. some are saying 'don't focus on the race'.. girl you cannot help who you are attracted to. if you like white guys more, then that is your 'preference' but don't mark other guys off the list of possibilities. keep those options open. i have dated a mexican, an irish guy, a super pasty white dude, and now a black guy. i just go with who makes me happy and treats me awesome.

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  • It's ok I'll pick any race but mostly west/central caucasoid girls if I can ever attract one that is.


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  • I hate posts like these.
    It's okay to have interest in whites but to start off listing a bunch of stereotypes about your race , doesn't make you seem above anyone (as you are implying).
    Go out with boys who treat you right in general.
    Don't go hunting for the opposite race.
    If you fall for a white guy.. great !
    If he's purple or green , it should not matter or be your main focus.

    • i didn't mean to make myself out to be better than anyone.

  • This post is sad. I hope you grow out of thinking you're white on the inside one day.

    • i get it a lot. people in my school think im the most whitest black girl there is and i guess I've just thought of my self as that even though it may be bad. i still have some growing up to do so hopefully i grow out of it.

  • Just focus on guys who don't care about race and you will be good

  • No shade you're not going to find a white guy with that attitude. My classy ghetto ass has dated plenty of white guys and it wasn't cause I wanted to date a white guy. It also wasn't those "white guys that were down with the swirl" either. You need to be confident being black because no matter who you chase you still black and you're going to be stereotyped they way you described black women in your details. If you keep up the way you are now you'll become the "token black" and a laughing stock. Once you're confident in who you are you're going to attract the right people. Because guys can be d! cks no matter their amount of melanin. 😒

    *iI'mm not tryna sound harsh just been there done that*

  • That "oreo" crap is really annoying.


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