Should I use the word "date"?

Last Friday , I went with a girl to the park for over three hours. I told her from the beginning that we would be going on a long hike she knew we would be at the park when it was dark. That being said, none of us actually used the word "date". At the end of our date, she started talking about getting together this Friday and also told me I would have to take her out somewhere for her birthday, which is in August. We hugged each other twice, but never actually held hands while hiking. Tomorrow, I plan on asking her out for Friday evening, but am wondering if I should say the word "date" or if I should just say we are going to such and such place.


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  • Why focus on labeling the great time you two have when you are together?
    just enjoy her company !
    Whether you label it or not, it won't change anything.
    Either you both are compatible or not


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