Who is the crazy one here?

My bf of 4 years his mom is crazy. He is 28 and my god his mom going to drive me to drink. She is literally nuts. He moved to Georgia from pa for a better job offer. I will be moving with him once I save up a little more money. His first day of work was today and he told me he was getting done at 7 so at 7:30 I call him to see how his first day was and a minute into the phone call he says his mom is trying to call him so I tell him to call me back. When he does he said his mom was upset that he spoke to me first before her about how his first day at work went and how he always tells me first about big news in his life such as when he found out he got the job. Like I wasn't aware lady that there was some kind of contest of who he calls first and why does it even matter as long as he tells you? It just seems so immature to me but whatever. She also said that she should come first before me because he isn't married to me. Sorry but again you're wrong just because we don't have a legal piece of paper stating our commitment doesn't mean that I am any less important in his life. We both agreed that we aren't getting married. We believe that we dont need a piece of paper to say we are committed fully to each other. Like no sorry I'm the one looking to settle down and start a future with him and have kids with him when it comes to most decisions he makes I am going to come first and that's how ur should be as an adult man. These decisions he makes are going to effect me. more than anyone when I will be the one living with him and starting my life with him. She honestly got upset because we were all talking about the lottery one day and she was asking him and the rest of her family who they would tell first and give the money to. And after she pressured him to give an answer he said me because again we are starting our lives together and she was like but I'm your mom I raised you a parent should trump a gf. What does that even mean come first and trump a gf? In wh


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  • He's 28 and has his own life. His mom needs to get a grip and let go of her controlling ways or your boyfriend is going to lose a pretty good girl. I say this because many other women would have already told him to get his mom in line or they can't be in a relationship that dysfunctional.

    His mom sounds like she has serious issues, and I hope those have not carried over to your boyfriend. She cannot control his life, which is also yours, too. You're dating him; not her and you're his girlfriend, not her, so she needs to shut the fuck up, stay out of his and your business and quite being so controlling and possessive. That sounds very creepy.

    • Yeah it is borderline creepy in a way. I have done nothing but be nice to her and try to understand that she is probably sad that she isn't the number one women in her sons life but this is just beyond the pale of normal. Most mothers want their sons to grown up find their own women and move on but his mom is holding. on with a very right grip. Sometimes my bf will stick up for me and other times he will let her say whatever and get away with it

    • I would strongly recommend you two either look for ways together to deal with handling his mom (via internet, books, videos, etc) or you tell him he really is going to need to deal with his mother or you don't know how long you can or will tolerate her behavior.

      It's nothing personal against his mother, but you can't have that kind of interference in your life. You two are grown adults and she has no business treating him or you like you're 16 and still living at home with school the next day.

      I'm sure his mother will try and manipulate him to the point he feels guilty and gives in, but by him telling his mom to knock it off and go away, he's actually helping himself as much as he's making you feel better.

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