I'm confused.....is this normal with dating?

I've been dating a guy that I met online for about 2 weeks now. We live about 35 minutes apart. I have been going there to see him a couple times a week and am going to see him next week, and then he says he wants to come to my house next weekend. I'm cool with that. Whenever I see him he always asks to have sex but only if I am ready for it. We hung out today, and he mentioned what he was going to get me for Christmas. I enjoy being around this guy a lot.

I have not signed back onto the dating site since we started dating as I did not want to ruin a chance of anything I had going with him. How long do people date before they are considered boyfriend/girlfriend? Also, since we are only dating, suppose he signed back onto the dating site, is that OK when you are dating someone?


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  • Have you checked this guy out? Have you done a criminal investigation on him? How do you know he's not some escalating psycho?

    • Whats the difference between this and dating someone you just met in a bar? People meets at bars/ clubs allt he time and start dating. For all they know they could be criminals too. Same difference.

    • On the Internet one can hide behind an avatar and be very sneaky. In a bar it's a face to face meeting. You have the advantage of hearing his voice, watching his body language, his facial expressions, mannerisms and so many other clues as well as friends giving ther objective opinions as to his inner self.

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  • I think its okay to sign in to the dating site as long as you're being honest about it with both the person you're dating and the people on the dating site. As far as the length of time I think that if you are going out together seriously and not just talking then you are considered boiyfriend/girlfriend. However, if you're just talking, which it sounds like you're not; then I don't consider it boyfriend/girlfriend.


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  • If he signs back on, then no. If your officially dating and you keep looking that's wrong. I believe that something has to be said to make it official.