I am being treated differently by this one Girl - What's up?

I've known this Girl for around a year but from since we met I've noticed she treats me differently to other people

Around me she seems reserved and I find it hard to get her to open up and talk about stuff, around others she seems a little bit more engaging.

as a little history, She knows I like her but turned me down for the reason she wasn't ready to date, before she knew I liked her we did go on three (sort of) dates. This behaviour has been like this before she knew I liked her and we hung out together.
So what's up with this girl?


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  • Maybe she doesn't like you in that way girls get pressured easily and she might pity you , keep your distance and chats to minimum , make yourself busy or go on dates with other girls to show you have a life of your own so she'll get the message just don't laugh in her face ( you'll come off like a jerk) , you sound like a great guy so just be you !


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