I had a coffee date but days later nothing....

I went out on a coffee date with a guy I had liked for many years We ended up spending four hours together and he texted me the remainder of the night. Now comes three days later and my friends goad me into texting him because I had heard nothing from him since...I text him he replies he's sick and blah blah blah he will text me soon...now another three days nothing and I'm honestly hurt mainly because I texted him first so I look the fool and because I liked a guy for years for nothing...i pretty much know he doesn't like me and its obvious but why tell a girl you will talk to her and then just not?

Ah I think artistBboy is correct...even without all the variables I omitted it makes sense...although I'm the type id just rather be told flat out otherwise ill tend to fixate...
but why why would he text me all night till I had to tell him to stop if he wasn't interested? why would he tell me he was? I do accept he doesn't have the interest now but why all that for nothing? I'm mostly fixating now because I did like him for years
even though he really didn't like me for as long as I did him...he once flirted with me and I shot him down cause I thought he still had a gf...but now this ughhhhhhh I'm mad at myself .


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  • The guy didn't want to pursue a relationship, so instead of being like "Never speak to me again" he is saying sweet ways of letting you off "Ill talk to you some other time" "See ya around" - without actually applying the desire to be around you.

    This guy isn't a coward, he just didn't see the relationship going anywhere that he wanted. This is what we call maturity. Rather than breaking you down and lowering your self-esteem, he removed himself from the picture.

    I dislike the fact that he may have lied about being sick and making excuses for himself. When I really think about the situation, it seems like he wants to keep harmony at the expense of lieing - versus - telling the truth and feeling pain or anguish.

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    • =) I know how frustrating it can be, I've been there *eyeroll*

      Try to distract your mind, it's not your fault that he didn't like you - no two people are the same. His interests could be different than yours, or maybe he is looking for specific traits. There is no need to change who you are to ammount to someone else.

      He wasn't interested - "Check Please" (aka move on to the next place / person)

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  • Did he ever specifically say "let's get together again" or the like?

    If so, I suspect that he was doing a thing called "lying" because he was cowardly and didn't want to be honest about not wanting to see you again.

    You shouldn't feel like a fool for texting him first. You believed that you hit if off, and he said he'd like to talk again.

    But you should feel like a fool if you waste any more time on a lying coward.

  • he's playing wit you :)

  • just move on...:)


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